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    • Dr. Julie Holland led me here talking about pot and psychology. Depression came up as it does these days. It reminded me of Tal Ben-Shahar from Harvards School of Psychology.
      “Depression is caused by a lack of sulfur. ” The Cellular Matrix Study knows that. In the same vane Dietrich Klinghardt MD. Ph.D stated in Seattle at
      a Weston Price Conference 2008, if your sulfur levels are low no modality
      will work. Both learned men suffer from Linus Pauling deficiency, well
      the mineral he stated was the cause of all our modern disesases, sulfur. He
      didn’t know either.

      We the Study are not here to point fingers at anyone who has caused this deficiency or profitted from the knowledge that the sulfur cycle is broken to
      man. We are on Word Press to state that the same deficiency is the reason most of our fine citizens are DEPRESSED.

      1954, 1954, Nineteen hundred fifty four, chemical fertilizers were mandated
      here in the land of the Free.

      1971 pHarma discovers the error regarding the minerals of life and tell the
      petrochemical boys that the boys from Brazil will turn it into 200 billion dollars of net profit by 2004, and they did when the FDA allowed advertising
      of these sulfur replacements.

      You see the result advertised “relentlessly” to those in pain. No research
      just advertising. The Apirin Wars by Mann and Plummer changes the definirtion of Mad Men.

      Linus Pauling a better mind than any of our research project could not find
      a single reference to sulfur in the literature, curious? Nor could we.
      WE are at a nexus of abandoning fossil fuels, not Earth. Sorry Stephen Hawking, and we are going to stop being depressed, easily unmotivated, couch
      potatoes and realize that if we do not clean up the air, we are all history.

      As for Julie Holland and Science Friday pot with its variety will put pHarma
      out of business, what a wake we will have. But it will be sulfur which allows
      the transport of oxygen necessary for us to regenerate our cells. Card carrying
      pot smokers have “healed” their pain, with sulfur twice a day.
      Our Study members average age is 77, we are in 18 countries and 70,000 by word of mouth. 12 dead.

      Lazy is the first sign of depression. Avoiding eye contact is the first sign of the chemical disconnect of Autism or Alzheimer’s, not communicating follows too quickly. We have a couple of people lost in their own minds who have come back from where ever. Making eye contact, communicating and remembering but not where they were. We can not test these positive results without a little help Sopie did not contact us. Her mom did and Sofie is back.
      Olive did not call us from the “home” but her husband did and took sulfur water to her daily, they are living in Costa Rica, 92 and 96.

      Control will be returned to the body human when the chemicals of man become forbidden, fear is what drives the masses, fear is just before panic which follows depression.

      Got Sulfur?

      The Study is active though planning to publish.
      Organic Sulfur is available on line for those who don’t like questions.

      Cellular Matrix Study
      Body Human Project est.1999

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